“You have to believe that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

- Steve Jobs

Daan Spits.jpg

Personal life.

Throughout my youth I grew up multilingual and lived in France, California and eventually in the Netherlands. Languages always seemed to come naturally, and I now currently speak five (Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German).

I feel that language is the bridge to connecting with others, plus it truly has enriched my experience with others.

Having traveled extensively throughout all continents, I love meeting people from all walks of life and working alongside them. I truly enjoy traveling, photography, reading, learning new things (always something to discover with yoga), psychology and anything outdoorsy.

Throughout the last couple of years I have come to truly love long distance hikes. They remind me that such as with life, everything comes one step at a time. As cheesy as it may sound, it is definitely, “not the end, but the journey that is worthwhile.”

I am a proud (Dutch) European and am based out of Amsterdam. Yet can often be found working remotely.


Professional life.

As a freelance business coach (Ba. Economics) & web designer (autodidact) I have worked alongside 100+ business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs. Having always had an eye for photography, a way with words, a feel for what looks (and works!) good plus an entrepreneurial spirit, it was more than logical for me to work together with people in a creative and inspiring setting.

People and their motives have always been one of my main passions.

During my 2 year associate studies of comparative religion and philosophy at the Free University of Amsterdam (V.U), I was able to dive further into the “why’s” of the many questions that I had. To this day, this is a subject that lies closely to me and my work. It was during 6 month stay in the French Beaujolais (wine country!) and working as an innkeeper of a renovated wine farm where I realized the following, people are often extremely good at what they do, yet lack a good online presence.

The owners had mentioned that their sales were slow, and after having done some research I decided to fix this challenge. Equipped with my camera and laptop I redesigned their website and sales have gone up.

I have since then been able to work alongside many other small business owners just like them. Always keeping the focus on what you do best. After all, that’s most likely one of the reasons why you get out of bed every morning.