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About Me


I get driven by working together with people who have the passion and ambition to create something for themselves. These are all people who do what they want to do, and that’s the same passion that I have with my work.

And that’s what gets us working together. 

Daan Spits working with laptop in Amsterdam

Education & Experience

I earned my Bachelors degree in Economics in The Netherlands, after interning in Nicaragua for a year, where I helped local farming communities create a marketing strategy into gaining an extra income via sustainable forms of tourism. It was also here in Nicaragua where, together with a good friend and a local Nicaraguan, we started our very first tourism business. All built with the support of many people across several Social Media channels*.

*This was back in ’07 when Social Media just started becoming “a thing”, very exciting times!


It was during this period in my life where (Social) Entrepreneurship, combined with the ever evolving technologies around us, first struck me. I went on to travel the world for a couple more years and took long with me my fellow camera and trusted laptop. I soon realized what had struck me back in Nicaragua, hadn’t shook off. 

Far from it too. 



Life for me started off living with my parents and brothers in Southern France and California. It was these experiences that have absolutely formed me into the man that I am today. I absolutely love meeting people from literally all walks of life, speak 5 languages, and am even more interested in finding out why people do what they do. 

I have discovered that I am absolutely fortunate to live in this (internet) -era, where working remotely and being location independent is possible from anywhere with a WiFi connection.

I continue pursuing in helping people with great ideas and stories, in sharing these with the rest of the world, online.


I find it hard to sit still, love being in nature, and continuously have new ideas popping into my mind. Execution is the name of the game. There’s no doubt about that. And working alongside like-minded people is what gets me up every morning. 

I truly believe in overcoming one's fears, listening to what your heart is telling you, and acting upon it. 

I love my home base in Amsterdam, yet combine this with working remotely. 

If you’ve become curious, let's connect. I'd love to meet you.