Copy of Business



You are unique. And so is the story behind your business. 

I make it my personal goal to find out what it is that drives you - what moves you. Basically I want to find out why you do what you do. The story behind your ambition is what I believe should be translated as such, and communicated to your customers. I believe in a personal approach, genuine and professional design, and transparent communication. Say it as it is. Your clients will thank you for it.

Global production, reportage and strategic communications for the major TV networks, multinational companies and non-profits in over thirty countries.

Founder: Mike Cerre, is an Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist, television producer and communications consultant for major television networks, Fortune 500 companies and leading non-profits.

Features: Large video playlists (90+ videos) embedded within website which portrays clients' life work. Corporate styling, and simplistic design.

Amsterdam-based Startup - Social Media Advertising Platform - Official Twitter Partner

Features: Full-bleed imagery, integrated 3rd party applications ie. login & application preview

Australian NGO - Leadership Education 

Features: Original design integration ie. photography, color palette, typography etc. all to complement clients' visual communication

UK-based Education PR and Marketing for schools, universities and business

Features: Scrolling one-pager, in-depth sub-pages and applicable imagery consisting clients' visual communication

Dutch based Boutique Community Marketing & Communications Bureau

Features: Crisp clear designs enhancing clients' communication and strategy, use of native "Dutch colors" and styles ie. personal approach both written and visual

Australian Project Management & Controls

Features: Clear, simple & classic navigating webiste, design focussed on clients' vision & mission