It’s time to rise above your true potential.


How can I help you move forward?


Business Coaching

Business coaching sessions are custom tailored to your situation and are always focussed on getting you where you want to go. Together we dive into your world and I give you my objective and experienced-based advice.


Brand Identity

I make it my personal goal to find what you do, how you do it and most importantly, why you do what you do. This ultimately will reveal your true brand identity.

Business Development

At the end of the day it comes down to the same thing: you need to showcase what it is you are offering to the world and in such a way that your target group will get engaged with you.

What do we do?


Plan of Action

We map out your current situation and develop a solid plan of action. Once we have a goal set, we will set out the necessary steps so that you need to take achieve your set goal. My coaching sessions are developed to help you grow your business and really get you where you want to be. 



With a track record of having worked alongside 100+ entrepreneurs + a genuine interest in business + a bachelors of economics, my experience lies in: 

  • Business Strategy - What, how and most important; why

  • Communication - Branding, copywriting, and storytelling

  • Market Research - What are others doing?

  • Marketing - How to stand out in the crowd


Coaching Sessions

We usually cover a wide variety of topics. A few examples of what my coaching sessions can look like: 

  • We talk entrepreneurship: Whether you are just starting and want a fresh outsider’s (objective) perspective. I have guided multiple clients (100+) throughout all of these stages during their entrepreneurial journey.

  • We get creative and brainstorm: We exchange ideas, anything goes and we imagine a world the way you wish to see it.

  • You bombard me with questions: Going “live” with your project can be daunting. I can help you answer your questions about pretty much anything concerning the internet.

  • You've just launched your business: Your website is done, now is when the fun begins! Where do I find my clients? How do I communicate and engage with them? How do I build a list of followers and loyal clients? Is there anything that I can do offline to help boost my business? Let's dive into the deep-end and see what potential lies to discover for you.

Rates & Packages


9o min.

90 minute Coaching Session: €175

We take the time to dive deep into your business situation. We are able to cover a lot of ground, and create a situation that is ideal for brainstorming. We also have ample time for all of your questions.

6o min.

60 minute Coaching Session: €125

General coaching session that where we cover several broad topics concerning your business without getting into the nitty-gritty micro stuff.


30 min.

30 minutes Coaching Session: €75

Quick check in sessions that are suited for follow ups and straight forward direct business support.

15 min. 

15 minutes: FREE

In these first 15 minutes you you can tell me your ideas and ask me any questions you may have. These 15 minutes are ideal to get to know one another.