Dutch contractor.

Features: Bold imagery showcasing clients’ portfolio. Minimal copy (text) to maximize amount of imagery.

Project Lab4you is part of Plot N at Sloterdijk in Amsterdam. Building4you is the initiator behind this new building.

Features: Dual language, large format impression images, large amount of content organized as such that the UX works.

D.C Based educational NGO working in over 12+ countries

Features: Customized maps with interactive links. Large gallery-based index pages with informative content + downloadable PDF links.

Singapore-based Trainer, Consultant and Recruiter.

Features: Bold implementation of colors and imagery in combination with strong copy to portray the core of the business.



Amsterdam-based Massage Studio

Features: Full-bleed (parallax) imagery, 3rd party booking engine (Acuity), events calendar, team blog post page, all social media links incl. Mailchimp etc.

New York based Premier Medical Aesthetics Services Rejuvenation Solutions.

Features: Greta example of web design using amazing stock photography images plus distinguished color palette.

Global production, reportage and strategic communications for the major TV networks, multinational companies and non-profits in over thirty countries.

Founder: Mike Cerre, is an Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist, television producer and communications consultant for major television networks, Fortune 500 companies and leading non-profits.

Features: Large video playlists (90+ videos) embedded within website which portrays clients' life work. Corporate styling, and simplistic design.


happy motivated people

Dutch interim organization.

Features: Example of a website that showcases their identity with the right stock photography. Custom CSS features built on specific page making loads of data easier to navigate.

Canadian/Hungarian wine barrel import business.

Features: Great use of amazing imagery to capture the essence of the brand, and design of the business.