Actress and Dutch Writer (Sesame Street and children's book 'Opilopi')

Features: Full-bleed parallax home page with links to sub-pages. Perfect example of professional and personal branding. Simplistic use of fonts, layout and overall design.

Dutch Director / Researcher / Conversation Guide

Features: Full-bleed image and the website is currently a landing page with contact info.

Dutch (Amsterdam) based collaborative producing installations, live performances and film both for the regular stage and site-specific locations - Members of the Dutch National Ballet

Features: Embedded video on cover-page, original design used for re-design of old website, clear use of imagery and fonts.

International Dutch Model

Features: Full-bleed photography, minimalism design, cover page incl. all booking & contact details & social media links. Ideal site for showcasing images.

Chicago-based documentary - Filmkamer investigates rumors of surveillance in her Arab-American Neighborhood

Features: Full-bleed video embed, parallax image overlay, several CTA's (Call To Action)