How long does it take to build my website?

Generally speaking it takes me around 10-14 days to work on your website. Sometimes I can work quicker, but this partly depends on you and how soon you could get the necessary content to me. I usually work with multiple projects at the same time. Contact me and let's discuss your project and preferred timeframe.

What are your rates?

My rates are mostly per project base. After I get a good idea of what your project is about, I can send you an estimate of the amount of hours I expect to be working on your project. My rates are competitive and can be found here (scroll to bottom of page). Sometimes the amount of work required can be done in a few hours. This is when I will invoice my hourly rate. 

Can I preserve my SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?


Although we may experience a temporary dip upon switching platforms, all of your (blog) content will re-enable itself once the site is live. Also, I can easily customize URL’s so that inbound traffic will stay connected and continue to work. Webpages that are not migrated over are easily implemented and will preserve the SEO value.

Can I track Metrics (Website Analytics)?


I can easily add Google anaytics to your website. Plus Squarespace offers it’s very own metrics & statistics software app that you can use to track views, visitors, statistics and social media. 

Is there something you find a challenge?

Certain businesses require certain technical functionalities within their website. These can differ per client, below a few examples; 

  • Member logins (depending on the amount of members). It can tricky when you wish to build a "platform", where visitors can login and access certain parts of the website. Technically this is more of a challenge. Please contact me to discuss possibilities. 
  • Multilingual websites. Some international clients wish to have their website in 2 or more languages. There are many (technical) ways to solve this challenge, contact me and let's discuss. 

My question is not listed here. What now?

No problem! 

Please contact me and let me know what's on your mind. I'm sure that together we can find a solution.