Swiss B&B - Family run - Based in Engelberg, Switzerland

Based in Engelberg Switzerland, snoconnells offers catered accommodation in the winter, and self-catered accommodation in the Summer.

Features: Great imagery, and new school design which is simplistic yet sophisticated at the same time. 



French style restaurant - Family run - Based in Amsterdam

Features: Rich use of photography displaying style and vision of owners, integrated online takeaway module.



Amsterdam based Food Truck - Sister company of l'Entrecôte et les Dames

Features: Bespoke use of photography, one-page website, mobile friendly

UK owned - Ibiza based - Catering - Events - Weddings

Features: Large bespoke imagery, menu pages and clear design showcasing clients' style and work

Renovated French Winery - Luxury Vacation Rental

Features: Comprehensive use of photograph, integrated 3rd party booking engine (gî, newsletter feature, photogallery and more

3*** Amsterdam Boutique Hotel

Features: Multilingual, incorporated original logo and colors into design, 3rd party booking system linked