10. New Squarespace Email Campaigns

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New Squarespace Feature: Email Campaigns.

Squarespace has just launched this great new feature. Most people are most likely aware of Mailchimp's Email Features. Squarespace, has in my eyes, opened the competition with them. The advantages that I clearly see now are: 

  • Being able to work within the same CMS system

  • Using your logo's images, blog posts, products and more within the Email Campaign

Squarespace has currently launched the feature as an invite-only basis. Keep an eye out in your inbox to see if you get granted the access. 

Most important links to get you started. 

  • How to create a mailing list can be found here.

  • Best practices for an email campaign can be found here.

  • Tracking email campaign analytics is right here.

If you're curious, want to know more or want to have a chat, just contact me here

Daan Spits