12. Squarespace Authorized Trainer


Recently I received the news that I have been chosen to be one of the few to be a so-called Squarespace Authorized Trainer.

This is great news!


What is a Squarespace Authorized Trainer?

Squarespace Authorized Trainers have a deep understanding of the Squarespace.com all-in-one platform and use that knowledge to empower anyone to own their web presence. As an official Squarespace Authorized Trainer, I help you realize your vision.

Squarespace-trained and approved

As a trainer I have an in-depth Squarespace experience and am trained to help new users get up to speed quickly.

A focus on skills

Every Authorized Trainer's goal is to empower their attendees to design, edit, and maintain their own Squarespace website and complete online presence

Always up to date

As an Authorized Trainer, I receive exclusive product updates and behind-the-scenes news directly from Squarespace. With the guidance of an Authorized Trainer, you’ll learn how to take advantage of the latest features and best practices.

Great, what does this mean?

Well, this means that as your coach and Web Designer I am now capable of giving you more bang for your buck :)

Get in touch!

If you're curious, want to know more or want to have a chat, just contact me here.

Daan Spits