San Fransisco based consultant & coach - Focus on CEO's, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and innovators

Features: Classic & simplistic design reflecting clients' personal and professional ethics

Argentinian Architect based on Ibiza, Spain. 

Features: Focus on visual portfolio through full-bleed images, simplistic design/use of fonts

Features: Website with large blog following, e-Commerce + free e-Book opt-in via form. Style resembling clients location (California)

Features: Perfect example of professional and Personal Branding. Large colorful images, lots of blog content (SEO!) and plenty of CTA's

Features: Simplistic design based off a well-chosen color palette (psychology of colors). This website showcases how a site can be created without the need of imagery.

Hollywood-based Norwegian Director. Artists include: Taio Cruz, John Newman, Rob Thomas, The Dream and others.

Features: Ultra simplistic website showcasing clients' portfolio