What do others have to say?

Catalina Newton.png

“Working with Daan has a been a joy. He’s not just interested in the design aspect of the website but he also takes the time to understand the whole concept behind it by being genuinely interested in all its aspects. He provides highly valuable feedback and recommendations, asks the right questions and makes the whole experience of getting the right online face for my product a delight!"

> Catalina Newton / Founder and Artisanal Chef at bocados.co.uk

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"Daan works quickly, brainstorms together with you, and via remote viewer (Skype/Zoom.us) can directly implement changes on the go.

> Michiel Kaemingk / Founder and Therapist at Amsterdam's known tensiontamers.nl

Kristibne Perelle 2.png

"Working with Daan was a pleasure, he is a good listener, warm friendly, organized and straight forward. There is so much involved in building a site and Daan guided me through the process with patience and humor! Even though we are in different countries it didn’t matter. Daan created a web site that perfectly captured my corporate image/philosophy and esthetic, one that makes me very proud. With out reservation, I highly recommend Daan as a web designer who is creative, competent and efficient with a caring and calm approach."

> Kristine Perelle / Founder and Designer of wraptsody.com

Mark Watkins 2.png

"We were very happy with the work Daan did. He quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and the look we wanted to portray. He was fast, patient and good value. Excellent!!!"

> Mark Watkins / Founder and Chef of Ibiza-based  lagrandebouffe.com

Irene Herbers.png

"Daan is awesome! He knew how to translate my wishes into a concept that I loved. And that just after one conversation! I am super happy with my website. The feeling, atmosphere that I wanted to showcase was there in one-go. Very impressive Daan, y muchas gracias from Ibiza!"

> Irene Herbers / Life Coach at Ibiza-based soulislandcoaching.com

Matthew-Lewis Carter.png

"I contacted Daan as I needed a website built for my personal training business. He got back to me immediately, and we were on Skype discussing what I wanted the following day. His level of professionalism was fantastic; I had a lot of content and photos to send over to him and he always went out of his way to get everything done for me. His rate of response was second to none; I cannot recommend Daan enough.  Working with Daan was a real pleasure I cannot recommend him enough!"

> Mathew-Lewis Carter / Model, Personal Trainer and Blogger at mathewlewis-carter.com

Karen Peirson.png

"Daan was extremely patient working with someone who is so involved with the day to day issues of running a business and not at all familiar with internet and website jargon ie me!. He guided me to a great new website and I was very happy with the results."

> Karen Peirson / B&B Owner Can Torras Cataluña cantorras.com

Bert Videler.png

"Daan made me a professional website at the start of my business. He’s a pleasure to work with, very interested in your business and also knows his own. Working with Daan also makes you think about the message you’re trying to send and putting your USP’s alligned."

> Bert Videler / Founder and CEO at bouwkwaliteitcoach.nl

Floor Bruin 2.png

"Working with Daan was great; not only did he make me a fantastic website, he also helped me clarify what the core-message of my business is, and how I want to communicate that to the world. A great extra service which left me feeling 100% satisfied."

> Floor Bruin / Amsterdam based Therapist at floorbruin.com

Hans van den Oever

"We are very happy with the site made by Daan ! It is a original piece of work, appreciated by many customers. Also the quality of the photos shows that Daan is a professional. We recommend working with him!"

> Hans van den Oever / Owner at French Guesthouse and winefarm lesquatreterres.nl


"Daan made my website two years ago. I consider him to be very professional, and in my opinion he makes the most gorgeous websites. I am still very pleased with mine, and can only highly recommend him!"

> Minoek / International Dutch Model minoek.com

Daire O'Connell.png

Daire O’Connell owner of Swiss Chalet snoconnells.comDaire O’Connell owner of Swiss Chalet snoconnells.com"I was introduced to Daan and I had a look at his previous work before engaging with him. Straight away I knew that Daan was the person I needed to create my website. He understood the brief perfectly, and we spoke at length about extra-value Daan could contribute to the project through his previous life and professional experiences. We took an agile iterative approach which worked well. After every iteration, we quality checked progress and agreed on how to progress. There was never any disagreement, as Daan understood in detail exactly what my business needed. I will continue to work with Daan as my business grows and I want to increase my digital presence to a wider audience."

Daire O’Connell owner of Swiss Chalet snoconnells.co

 Lian Priemus

“It’s great working with Daan. Apart from a great website it’s his authentic curiosity, sense of humor and positivity that helped us creating an easier and clearer working process.”

> Lian Priemus / Director, researcher, moderator. Initiator of social platform inmybackyard.nl

 Dominic Carter

"Daan was really great to work with. He made the whole process really easy, was very responsive and professional. He created a great website which captured exactly the look and feel I had envisaged. I am so pleased with the results and would highly recommend him."

> Dominic Carter / CEO & Founder of Australian based of arcprojectsolutions.com

 Audrey Wells

Four years ago I began a needle-in-a-haystack search to find someone to grow my business from its brick and mortar address to an online *zip code*. Clearly, the cosmos aligned in my favor when I *happened* upon Daan!

Not only was he an insightful, professional, and highly skilled website designer - Daan was able to capture the heart, the soul, and the unique energy of a shop I'd nurtured and grown in my hometown for almost 20 years.

Transforming this energy from a physical space to the online ethers was daunting—but not for Daan the Man! His patience, keen eye and mad skills as a visual storyteller gave me the freedom and courage to transform my business from conquering one zip code to world domination. Ok - now I'm exaggerating - I’m too introverted and fun-loving to have world domination as a business goal. But falling back in love with my business is great enough for me!"

Thanks, Daan~~~Peace and Love

> Audrey Wells / California based entrepreneur audreywells.com