It's time to start shining. 


Start riding your wave.

Each wave is different. And so is your website. The pricing mentioned below is indicative. Receive a personalized quote by booking a call.


Large Website

Package for businesses, corporates, NGO's and E-Commerce. Includes extra design features, E-Commerce assistance, 3rd party plugins and added coaching sessions.

Example of a Large Website:

  • Free 15 minute intake

  • 6+ pages

  • 3rd party plugins

  • Booking engine connections

  • Newsletter + social media connection

  • Video (loop) options

  • Design work (icons, photo editing, favicon)

  • Complete e-commerce integration

  • Photo/video galleries

  • 5-10 products

  • Includes 2x 90 min. coaching

  • Includes 1x 90 min. website training

Price indication: €3000 - €5000+

Includes assistance with domain name registration and DNS settings + email setup.

Clients who require to either have me onboard for a x-amount of hours per week/month. Websites and recurring projects with added custom coaching hours. Please contact me for more information. 


Medium Website

A professional site with a larger amount of pages. Includes 3rd party plugins, booking engines, video (loop), galleries etc. 

Example of a Medium Website:

  • Free 15 minute intake

  • 4-6 pages

  • 3rd party plugins

  • Booking engine connections

  • Newsletter + social media connection

  • Design work (icons, photo editing, favicon)

  • Photo/video galleries

Also includes:

  • Includes 2x 1 hour coaching

  • Includes 1x 1 hour website training

Price indication €1500 - €3000

Includes assistance with domain name registration and DNS setting + email setup.


Small Website

A basic site with a strong online presence. This package is meant for those that need to get their ideas out into the world fast. 

Example of a Small Website:

  • Free 15 minute intake

  • 1-3 pages

  • Includes 2x 1 hour coaching

  • Includes 1x hour website training

Price indication: €1000 - €1500

Includes assistance with domain name registration and DNS settings.

It’s all about focus.


Design first

I translate your vision into compelling images, colors with a meaning, strong copy that sticks, and with the use of gorgeous and meaningful typography to finish it off. Mixed together, you will have a professional responsive (mobile friendly) website that you will be proud of and want to share with the world. 


Squarespace CMS

The websites that I make are built using the Squarespace.com CMS system. My work is design-driven, user-friendly and has a performance-focused solution for all types of businesses and portfolios in mind. I also work together with other developers, graphic designers and creatives to get the job done. 


Your time is valuable

And I totally get that. Therefore I have developed a workflow that enables us to both know where we are in the process of developing your website.  



As each client is unique, I always try and tailor my approach in such a way that it fits and suits you best. Generally speaking the stages described here are based on a rough estimate of around 3-6 weeks. Again, this depends on several factors. Contact me and let's talk. I'll get you a quote and estimated time that I think I will need to get your site launched! 


What you can expect

Stage 1. Initial intake (first 15 mins free).

Stage 2. Proposal based upon initial intake.


Should you wish to work together we continue with the following stages. 


Stage 3. Exchange of (current) content. Logo’s, images, graphics/artwork, copy (text), and any other relevant information. All via a shared Dropbox Folder and pre-designed Word .docx template. Super easy! 

Stage 4. Start website design.

Stage 5. 1st draft review, revisions & changes. 1x 60 minute call.

Stage 6. 2nd draft review, revisions & changes. 1x 60 minute call. This stage is optional and depending on chosen package. 

Stage 7. Delivery final website.

Stage 8. If need be, we dot the extra i’s and cross the extra t’s.

Stage 9. Launch! 

Stage 10. Website training (1x 60 minute) - Extra training can always be booked- just let me know what you are looking for.  

And getting things done right.


Fully responsive website.

  • Responsive design - More than half of websites today are being experienced on a mobile device. All of my websites are built so that your visitors will have a seamless mobile viewing experience. Your website will look great on every device!

  • Optimisation of (current) copy and imagery - We can also use great stock photography where needed.

  • Setup of all technical back-end settings (email, domain name registry and DSN settings).

  • Integration of any 3rd party applications (event planners, booking engines, social media and Mailchimp, eCommerce, etc).

  • Full browser and multiple device testing.


You control your website. 

  • DIY DNA - Websites are built with YOU - the end user - in mind. Maintaining your own website was never so easy.

  • Outstanding UI/UX Performance - Form and function of your website is taken very seriously. Visitors don’t get lost and know where to navigate to.

  • Self-Contained Platform - No need to update software, plugins or widgets. Your site will keep working for you, so you can keep focused on growing your business.


And there's more..

  • Built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - All websites have a built-in SEO feature which helps Google (and other search engines) crawl, understand and rank your website.

  • Available for every size business - Squarespace has a wide range of high-quality templates from which large companies to SME and artists can be confident with knowing that their content is shown the way it should.

  • Ongoing support, and consultancy when needed. I'm only a call away from you.